Custom Sanitary Conveyors and Robotic Solutions 

There is a great chance the food you eat, the medicine you take and the devices that improves your quality of life are made with Kamflex equipment. 

Engineering, consulting, equipment, and more

.Kamflex provides businesses with quality engineering services, consulting expertise, and reliable equipment for companies looking to automate their production line with a high-quality, sanitary conveyor system. We also conduct repairs, installation, and maintenance work.  Kamflex uses stainless-steel materials to meet exacting safety standards.  With our extensive experience with all aspects of conveyor belt and processing equipment, and robotics we invite you to browse our website and feel free to contact and set up an appointment.

Our Industries

Our company sets the standards for your industry needs.  We realize that businesses have high standards, especially when they are processing items with a set of specific requirements that need to be met by a regulating industry.  Kamflex knows this and uses specialty conveyors and processing equipment to me their strict requirements   The Industries we specialize in are:

Food Solutions


Life Sciences



Kamflex is a solutions company, we are not limited to the industries and have provided both big and small companies in many different fields a quality service.  If your company is looking for a partner that truly knows and understands the systems, you work with and will work with you to face those challenges contact us. We will be glad to help you with whatever you need so that your business can thrive.   

Our products and services

 We are a full-service company that will assist you from the initial setup, engineering and design to the purchasing, maintenance and repair of products and equipment.  Our team is experienced and able to consult you on redesigning your processing floor, to adding new conveyors to optimize your product output. 


We have over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space and a large team of qualified experts that have experience in many different fields including yours.  Contact us today to get started on your next project or to order something from our catalogue.    

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